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Aerosol Deposition (AD) of doped and undoped SnO2 films – Investigation of film formation and film properties

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Hanft, Dominik ; Bektas, Murat ; Schubert, Michael ; Exner, Jörg ; Moos, Ralf:
Aerosol Deposition (AD) of doped and undoped SnO2 films – Investigation of film formation and film properties.
Event: PACRIM 11, The 11th Pacific Rim Conference of Ceramic Societies , 30.08.-04.09.2015 , Jeju, Korea.
(Conference item: Conference , Poster )

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In this contribution, we describe a new and fast way of processing the semiconductor SnO2 as µm-thin films by aerosol deposition [1] and show the suitability of this processing technique with regard to the sensing properties of the films.

SnO2 is a widely studied material with applications as transparent conductive oxide, oxidation catalyst, and gas sensor [2]. Due to its high sensitivity for reducing gases, it is commercially applied for gas sensing, typically in the form of porous ceramic samples, or as thick or thin films.
The good potential of aerosol deposition for the processing of dense wide-area films and coatings has been shown for many different materials amongst others for gas sensing [3]. A relatively simple setup, the high deposition rate (up to several µm/min) as well as the nanostructured film morphology makes this process suitable for a variety of applications. Nevertheless, the aerosol deposition of SnO2 films is a new field.

For commercial undoped SnO2 powders, we optimized the deposition behavior and the quality of the films and developed sensors on basis of interdigital electrodes (IDE). For H2, CO, NO2, air and humidity the response of these sensors has been investigated from 100 450°C, showing good response for each component. The high response to NO2 is eye-catching, even for concentrations below 5 ppm.

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Date Deposited: 21 Sep 2015 13:47
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URI: https://eref.uni-bayreuth.de/id/eprint/19476