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Law, Society, and National Identity in Africa

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Law, Society, and National Identity in Africa.
ed.: Abun-Nasr, Jamil M. ; Spellenberg, Ulrich ; Wanitzek, Ulrike
Hamburg : Buske , 1990 . - 225 p. - (Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung ; 1 )
ISBN 3-87118-973-1

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The 1960s marked the end of European colonial domination in most parts of Africa. In the period of the struggle against colonial rule the nationalist African leaders tended to emphasize African culture as the basis of national identity of their countries, and after independence they used idealized constructions of pre-colonial African culture in order to legitimize new economic and political structures. Yet the complexity of modern life required dealing with issues of social and economic development in new ways. Contradictory and changing policy positions show that the concept of national identity, which many African leaders appear to stress as a fundamental basis of the state, is neither static nor easily definable. It reflects the complexity of modern life and the requirement of dealing with issues of social and economic development in continuously changing ways. Consequently, a combination of ideas emerged supporting on the one hand the creation of a modern society while, on the other hand, giving this new society a distinctive African foundation. These two currents are visible particularly in the laws enacted in many African countries with the aim of solving problems relating to legal pluralism. The purpose of this volume is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for analyzing these problems. The contributions discuss the different methods used to deal with them, and how they manifest themselves in official policy, actual government practice, and in the ordinary people’s responses.

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