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Chemical gas sensors with electrical readout : novel principles and novel materials


Moos, Ralf:
Chemical gas sensors with electrical readout : novel principles and novel materials.
Veranstaltung: College of Electronic Science and Engineering , July 15th, 2016 , Jilin University, Changchun, China.
(Veranstaltungsbeitrag: Vortragsreihe , Vortrag )


Chemical gas sensors are required for emission and immission control as well as to detect harmful or critical gases. Chemical gas sensors have to be sensitive and selective and they must be long-term stable, often even under harsh ambient conditions. In the past, many conductometric materials were investigated, but selectivity and/or long-term stability remains an issue. Mixed potential sensors have also been studied widely, especially for exhaust applications, but so-called “novel materials” are hardly accepted in the exhaust. This talk gives an overview on novel principles and novel materials that are under study in the department of Functional Materials of Prof. Moos in Bayreuth, Germany.
Topics presented are:
• Direct thermoelectric gas sensors for increased long-term stability
• Conductometric gas dosimeters for selective detection of nitrogen oxides in the ppb and low ppm range
• Pulsed polarization techniques using conventional lambda probes for NOx sensing in the exhaust.
If there is some time left, a novel method to determine the state of automotive exhaust gas catalysts by microwaves is reported. It has the potential to replace classical exhaust gas sensors.

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