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Kant’s Moral Theory and Demandingness


Pinheiro Walla, Alice:
Kant’s Moral Theory and Demandingness.
In: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Bd. 18 (August 2015) Heft 4 . - S. 731-743.
ISSN 1386-2820
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10677-015-9600-x


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In this paper, I sketch a Kantian account of duties of rescue, which I take to be compatible with Kant’s theory. I argue that there is in fact no “trumping relation” between imperfect and perfect duties but merely that “latitude shrinks away” in certain circumstances. Against possible demandingness objections, I explain why Kant thought that imperfect duty must allow latitude for choice and argue that we must understand the necessary space for pursuing one’s own happiness as entailed by Kant’s justification of one’s duty to promote other’s happiness. Nevertheless, becoming worthy of happiness has always priority over one’s own happiness, even when circumstances are such that we cannot secure our own happiness without seriously neglecting more pressing needs of other persons. I conclude that Kant’s moral theory calls for complementation by the political and juridical domain. Implementing just political institutions and creating satisfactorily well-ordered societies create an external world which is friendlier to our attempts to reconcile moral integrity and a happy human life.

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Keywords: Immanuel Kant; Imperfect duties; Beneficence; Perfect duties; Demandingness
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