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Motion events in Kar


Dombrowsky-Hahn, Klaudia:
Motion events in Kar.
In: Mietzner, Angelika ; Treis, Yvonne (Hrsg.): Encoding Motion : case studies from Africa ; in memory of Ursula Drolc. - Köln : Köppe , 2008 . - S. 31-48
ISBN 978-3-89645-505-5


The aim of this paper is to give a first account of the syntax of translational motion events (called hereafter simply motion events) in Kar, a Senufo (Gur) language spoken in the southwest of Burkina Faso. The Path component which Talmy (1991, 2000) has characterized as the core-schema or the main component of translational motion events is in Kar encoded by verbs. By contrast, postpositions indicate the topological relation between Figure and Ground. In complex motion events displaying Path and Manner of motion both components are encoded in verbs in a serial verb construction.
So far, Kar meets the criteria characterizing serializing languages as different from the other two types of Talmy's classification, satellite framed and verb framed languages (Ameka & Essegbey forthcoming). However, it differs from classical serializing languages like Ewe and Akan in the number of Ground elements apt to be mentioned within one clause. While in these languages one clause can contain multiple Ground elements, Kar admits just one Ground element per clause. In order to mention more than one Ground element another structure is used, the clause chaining construction. This situation suggests a need for modification of Ameka & Essegbey's description of motion events in serializing languages.

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Keywords: motion events; serializing languages; Kar; Senufo; Gur; Karaboro
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