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Experimental Determination and Computation of the Liquid Miscibility Gap in the System CaO-MgO-SiO₂-TiO₂

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Kirschen, Marcus ; De Capitani, Christian:
Experimental Determination and Computation of the Liquid Miscibility Gap in the System CaO-MgO-SiO₂-TiO₂.
In: Journal of Phase Equilibria. Vol. 20 (1999) Issue 6 . - pp. 593-611.
ISSN 1054-9714
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1361/105497199770340581

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Coexisting liquids in the CaO-MgO-SiO₂-TiO₂ system were synthesized and quenched at ambient pressure in air from 1600 °C using a Rh-Pt resistance furnace and from 1800 to 2000 °C using a laser heated air levitation setup. Compositions of quenched glasses determined by electron microprobe analysis are reproduced in detail by weighted extrapolations of binary Margules-type excess functions. Using a generalized Kohler method, the authors illustrate the correlation between the degree of binary excess polynomials and their extrapolation behavior to higher-order systems. The presented extrapolation approach avoids additional ternary parameters in the CaO-SiO₂-TiO₂ and MgO-SiO₂-TiO₂ systems and affords a reasonable extrapolation outside of the compositional region of stable liquid immiscibility. In contrast, ternary excess parameters had to be added to binary interaction terms in the CaO-MgO-TiO₂ and CaO-MgO-SiO₂ systems to reproduce the solvus and liquidus phase relations reported in the literature. The excess entropy terms of the liquid were minimized in order to avoid unjustified stable miscibility gaps of the melt up to at least 3000 °C. The reliability of the authors’ polynomial approximation for the excess Gibbs energy of the melt is reduced only when ternary interaction terms are added to binary terms in the melt. However, the proposed method permits a valuable approximation of the highly complex excess Gibbs energy at solvus compositions in the system CaO-MgO-SiO₂-TiO₂ with a minimum number of excess terms.

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Item Type: Article in a journal
Refereed: Yes
Institutions of the University: Faculties > Faculty of Engineering Science
Research Institutions > Affiliated Institutes > Fraunhofer Center for High Temperature Materials and Design (HTL)
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DDC Subjects: 500 Science > 530 Physics
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Date Deposited: 14 Jun 2019 07:27
Last Modified: 14 Jun 2019 07:27
URI: https://eref.uni-bayreuth.de/id/eprint/49524