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Filmmusik : Beiträge zu ihrer Theorie und Vermittlung

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Filmmusik : Beiträge zu ihrer Theorie und Vermittlung.
ed.: Piel, Victoria ; Holtsträter, Knut ; Huck, Oliver
Hildesheim : Olms , 2008 . - 189 p.
ISBN 978-3-487-13640-0

Official URL: Volltext

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Film music long ago overcame its status as a marginal genre situated somewhere between art and commerce; both musicology and film studies have incorporated it into their discourse with evident fascination. Nevertheless, theoretical reflection on the interaction of music and moving image remains to be done. Analyses tend to confine themselves to observing processes and pointing out narrative functions, without attempting to give reasons for levels of meaning beyond invoking standard film-music clichés. The attempt is made to go a step further and to focus more precisely on the way in which music and film create a joint form of communication in the audience's eye and ear, a process that is by no means a given, since the two media are diametrically opposed when it comes to materiality and the production of meaning. The following contributions are cited separately in RILM: Lorenz ENGELL, Bild und Ort des Klangs: Musik als Reflexion auf die Medialität des Films (RILM ref2008-27278/ref

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