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Branch Stabilisation for the Components of Hurwitz Moduli Spaces of Galois Covers

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Lönne, Michael:
Branch Stabilisation for the Components of Hurwitz Moduli Spaces of Galois Covers.
In: Neumann, Frank ; Schroll, Sibylle (ed.): Galois Covers, Grothendieck-Teichmüller Theory and Dessins d'Enfants : Interactions between Geometry, Topology, Number Theory and Algebra, Leicester, UK, June 2018. - Cham : Springer , 2020 . - pp. 181-204 . - (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics ; 330 )
ISBN 978-3-030-51794-6
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-51795-3_9

Abstract in another language

We consider components of Hurwitz moduli space of G-Galois covers and set up a powerful algebraic framework to study the set of corresponding equivalence classes of monodromy maps. Within that we study geometric stabilisation by various G-covers branched over the disc. Our results addresses the problem to decide equivalence and stable equivalence algebraically. We recover a homological invariant, which we show to distinguish the equivalence classes of given boundary monodromy and Nielsen type, if the latter is sufficiently large in the appropriate sense.

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Item Type: Article in a book
Refereed: Yes
Keywords: Monodromy; Galois cover; Hurwitz space; Branch stabilisation; Braid group
Subject classification: Mathematics Subject Classification Code: 14H30 14H10 14G32 14H57 20F36
Institutions of the University: Faculties > Faculty of Mathematics, Physics und Computer Science > Department of Mathematics > Former Professors > Professorship Algebraic Geometry - apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Lönne
Result of work at the UBT: Yes
DDC Subjects: 500 Science > 510 Mathematics
Date Deposited: 23 Nov 2021 09:15
Last Modified: 23 Nov 2021 09:15
URI: https://eref.uni-bayreuth.de/id/eprint/67974