Where can I get the link to integrate publication lists on websites in the University's CMS (Content Management System)?

You can include lists of your publications contributed to ERef Bayreuth on your personal or institutional website. These lists are updated automatically.

For this purpose, you need to use an XML link that you can find on ERef Bayreuth as described below. Insert this link into the appropriate place in the University's CMS.

Use Browse - Person (UBT) to select the name of the relevant person and jump to the end of the publication list.

Browsen Personen(UBT)

Here, you can see the required XML link:

XML Link Person

The link contains a number corresponding to the GND Id (Integrated Authority File) of the selected person. The GND Id is an identification number for persons that is used in the cataloguing of literature in libraries to disambiguate names.

If you would like to integrate publication lists into your institute's website, proceed in a similar way:

Use Browse - Institutions of the University of Bayreuth and select the relevant entry. Again, jump to the end of the publication list and find the XML link. Copy this and past it into the appropriate place in the University's CMS.

XML Link Institut

For questions concerning the CMS, please contact the editorial staff for online content (Phone: 0921-55-5329 or -5848, mail: onlineredaktion@uni-bayreuth.de)

An information leaflet (German only) showing how to include the link on a website was prepared by the IT Service Centre's CMS team.