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Hydrogel-based actuators : possibilities and limitations

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Ionov, Leonid:
Hydrogel-based actuators : possibilities and limitations.
In: Materials Today. Vol. 17 (2014) Issue 10 . - pp. 494-503.
ISSN 1369-7021

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The rapid development of microtechnology in recent times has increased the necessity for the development of devices, which are able to perform mechanical work on the micro- and macroscale. Among all kinds of actuators, the ones based on stimuli-responsive hydrogels, which are three-dimensional polymer networks strongly imbibed with water, deserve particular attention. This paper aims to provide a brief overview of stimuli-responsive hydrogel actuators with respect to their sensitivity to different stimuli, different kinds of deformation, the possibilities of generating different types of movement, as well as their applications.

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