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Music Theater as Global Culture : Wagner's Legacy Today

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Music Theater as Global Culture : Wagner's Legacy Today.
ed.: Mungen, Anno ; Vazsonyi, Nicholas ; Hubbert, Julie ; Rentsch, Ivana ; Stollberg, Arne . Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater der Universität Bayreuth
Würzburg : Königshausen & Neumann , 2017 . - 460 p. - (Thurnauer Schriften zum Musiktheater ; 25 )
ISBN 978-3-8260-5430-3

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WagnerWorldWide2013, a project conceived by Prof. Dr. Anno Mungen of the University of Bayreuth to mark the 200th anniversary of Wagner's birth, was carried out in cooperation with the University of South Carolina, the University of Bern, and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. A central objective of this undertaking was to look at the question of Wagner today and to examine the current Wagner discourse both in academia and in the mainstream. The project examined the totality of the Wagner phenomenon: his work, ideology, life, not to mention his lasting impact and current significance. All of these elements approached within a multi-disciplinary frame that would account for the social, historical, political, philosophical and aesthetic aspects of culture, drama, and music. To this end, the organizers identified five major themes that would provide the framework for the project. All five themes were conceived in such a way that, on the one hand, they would connect with the nineteenth century and, on the other, they would each have significance and urgency for our own time. These five core themes are: History and Nationalism, Globalization and Markets, Nature and Environment, Gender and Sexuality, and Film and Media. The active phase of WagnerWorldWide2013 project began with a lecture series at the University of Bayreuth in 2011/12, and was followed in 2012 and 2013 by four international conferences: www2013:China in Shanghai, www2013:Europe in Bern, www2013:America in Columbia, South Carolina, and www2013:Reflections which took place in three neighboring locations, Bayreuth, Thurnau and Nuremberg. The academic results of the project are now being made available, published in two volumes of the series Thurnauer Schriften zum Musiktheater. The present Volume 25 includes selected contributions from the conferences in Columbia and Bayreuth/Thurnau/Nuremberg and consists of five sections, each devoted to one of the project's five thematic areas.

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