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Under Construction : Performing Critical Identity

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Under Construction : Performing Critical Identity.
ed.: Kohl, Marie-Anne
Basel : MDPI , 2021 . - 220 p. - (State of the Arts–Reflecting Contemporary Cultural Expression )
ISBN 978-3-03897-499-4

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At the turn of the 2020s, identity seems to remain an omnipresent and somewhatunseizable term, serving different views in and outside academia, in politics,in everyday talk, in intellectual and popular jargon, as well as in the arts. While,currently, identitarian ideologies and essentialist notions of identity that tend tosimplify and reduce life experience to simple factors globally regain massive attention,it becomes inevitable to recollect the thorough discussions of identity concepts of thepast decades, which had moved away from such notions—concepts which also reflectan awareness of and capacity to deal with the complexity and diversity of the worldwe live in. However, this volume, “Under Construction: Performing Critical Identity”,does not aim to provide a comprehensive overview of identity concepts, nor to developa uniform definition or theory of identity. Rather, it strives to add new and criticalpositions and perspectives to an ongoing discussion, as dealing with the concept ofidentity remains relevant for a wide range of academic and artistic disciplines, takingdifferent aspects of identity into account. These presented perspectives promise tooffer innovative insights by focusing on performance and the performative as bothan artistic practice and mode of expression and as a process of constructing identity

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Item Type: Book / Monograph
Keywords: Identity construction; Diversity; Gender; Race; Performance; Art
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