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Light-steered locomotion of muscle-like hydrogel by self-coordinated shape change and friction modulation

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Zhu, Qing Li ; Du, Cong ; Dai, Yahao ; Daab, Matthias ; Matejdes, Marian ; Breu, Josef ; Hong, Wei ; Zheng, Qiang ; Wu, Zi Liang:
Light-steered locomotion of muscle-like hydrogel by self-coordinated shape change and friction modulation.
In: Nature Communications. Vol. 11 (2020) Issue 1 . - 5166.
ISSN 2041-1723

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Many creatures have the ability to traverse challenging environments by using their active muscles with anisotropic structures as the motors in a highly coordinated fashion. However, most artificial robots require multiple independently activated actuators to achieve similar purposes. Here we report a hydrogel-based, biomimetic soft robot capable of multimodal locomotion fueled and steered by light irradiation. A muscle-like poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) nanocomposite hydrogel is prepared by electrical orientation of nanosheets and subsequent gelation. Patterned anisotropic hydrogels are fabricated by multi-step electrical orientation and photolithographic polymerization, affording programmed deformations. Under light irradiation, the gold-nanoparticle-incorporated hydrogels undergo concurrent fast isochoric deformation and rapid increase in friction against a hydrophobic substrate. Versatile motion gaits including crawling, walking, and turning with controllable directions are realized in the soft robots by dynamic synergy of localized shape-changing and friction manipulation under spatiotemporal light stimuli. The principle and strategy should merit designing of continuum soft robots with biomimetic mechanisms.

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Date Deposited: 06 Apr 2023 06:32
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