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Reversibly Photoswitchable High-Aspect Ratio Surfaces

Title data

Constante Ibarra, Gissela Katherine ; Apsite, Indra ; Schönfeld, Dennis ; Pretsch, Thorsten ; Ionov, Leonid:
Reversibly Photoswitchable High-Aspect Ratio Surfaces.
In: Small Structures. Vol. 4 (2023) Issue 10 . - 2300040.
ISSN 2688-4062

Project information

Project financing: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (grant no. IO 68/15-1)
European Regional Development Fund (project 85007031).
Fraunhofer Excellence Cluster “Programmable Materials”, grants number PSP elements 40-04068-2500-00007 and 40-03420-2500-00003.

Abstract in another language

Herein, the fabrication of light-sensitive high-aspect ratio surfaces with switchable topography using melt-electrowriting of shape-memory polymers and deposition of light-to-heat converting black ink on it by dip coating is reported on. The lamellae exposed to low temperatures are hard and cannot be deformed by water droplets. The temperature reached upon illumination of surfaces is close to the melting point of the soft segment of the polyurethane that leads to softening of the polymer. Due to this, it is possible to locally deform and recover the light-softened surface structures by water droplets deposited on lamellae. The deformed state can be fixed by cooling down resulting in the crystallization of the polymer. Thus, the reversibility of local deformation can be achieved. Finally, the application of the developed approach and materials for the fabrication of smart light-controlled valves is demonstrated, which can be used for the controlled mixing of fluids in microfluidic devices.

Further data

Item Type: Article in a journal
Refereed: No
Keywords: light-responsive materials; shape-memory polymers; tunable materials; wetting
Institutions of the University: Faculties > Faculty of Engineering Science > Professor Biofabrication > Professor Biofabrication - Univ.-Prof. Dr. Leonid Ionov
Faculties > Faculty of Engineering Science
Faculties > Faculty of Engineering Science > Professor Biofabrication
Result of work at the UBT: Yes
DDC Subjects: 500 Science > 530 Physics
500 Science > 540 Chemistry
Date Deposited: 12 Jun 2023 07:26
Last Modified: 17 Jun 2024 12:29