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African American and African Artists in South Korean Popular Culture

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Fendler, Ute:
African American and African Artists in South Korean Popular Culture.
In: Fendler, Ute ; Chang, Yongkyu (ed.): Asia-Africa- Multifaceted Engagement in the Contemporary World. - Singapur : Palgrave Macmillan , 2024 . - pp. 243-270
ISBN 978-981-97-0695-2

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The image of South Korea abroad is very much dominated by the political heritage of the Korean War and the divide between North and South Korea. The armistice since the end of the war and ongoing threats from the North justify the massive presence of US American forces close to the capital Seoul, such that American popular culture and especially African American popular culture are very present in the music scene. Parallel to the historical legacy of the war, South Korea has succeeded in creating a positive image by using the soft power of popular culture over the last twenty-five years, since the 2000s; the leading music groups that have become representative of South Korean popular culture draw much from African American popular culture when it comes to songs, dance and fashion. This article will follow three phenomena illustrative of this trend: the first is situated in the music industry, where big enterprises and the indie scene are striving for diversity while facing fluid convergences; the second is the phenomenon of K-dramas produced by Netflix. The argument will follow a chronological order so that the interaction between music, performance, production and series becomes visible. Finally, reggae, as a very specific music genre representing freedom and diversity, will illustrate the marginalized status of an indie scene with occasional connections to hip-hop. These examples provide some insight into the in/visibility of African American and African popular culture in South Korea and the struggle for diversity in a country based on the myth of being a monoethnic nation.

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