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Gisdon, Florian J. ; Bombarda, Elisa ; Ullmann, G. Matthias:
Serine and Cysteine Peptidases: So Similar, Yet Different : How the Active-Site Electrostatics Facilitates Different Reaction Mechanisms.
In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Vol. 126 (2022) Issue 22 . - pp. 4035-4048.
ISSN 1520-5207

Gisdon, Florian J. ; Feiler, Christian G. ; Kempf, Oxana ; Förster, Johannes ; Haiss, Jonathan ; Blankenfeldt, Wulf ; Ullmann, G. Matthias ; Bombarda, Elisa:
Structural and Biophysical Analysis of the Phytochelatin-Synthase-Like Enzyme from Nostoc sp. Shows That Its Protease Activity is Sensitive to the Redox State of the Substrate.
In: ACS Chemical Biology. Vol. 17 (2022) Issue 4 . - pp. 883-897.
ISSN 1554-8937

Kempf, Oxana ; Ullmann, G. Matthias ; Schobert, Rainer ; Kempf, Karl ; Bombarda, Elisa:
Chemoselective Attachment of the Water-Soluble Dark Quencher Hydrodabcyl to Amino Groups in Peptides and Preservation of Its Spectroscopic Properties over a Wide pH Range.
In: ACS Omega. Vol. 6 (2021) Issue 48 . - pp. 32896-32903.
ISSN 2470-1343

Bombarda, Elisa ; Ullmann, G. Matthias:
Continuum electrostatic investigations of charge transfer processes in biological molecules using a microstate description.
In: Faraday Discussions. Vol. 148 (2011) . - pp. 173-193.
ISSN 1364-5498

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