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229 Carbon, nitrogen and water use of C₃, C₄ and CAM plants : comparative aspects Gebauer, Gerhard 1988
428 Modelling on the growth and N-uptake by leek and broccoli Kuzyakov, Yakov ; Rühlmann, J. ; Geyer, B. ; Gutezeit, B. 1996
428 Nitrogen uptake and nitrogen losses in field trials with carrots Rühlmann, J. ; Kuzyakov, Yakov ; Geyer, B. 1996
437 Bee diversity and seed set in fragmented habitats Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf ; Tscharntke, Teja 1997
531 Legume cover crops and nutrient cycling in tropical fruit tree production Lehmann, Johannes ; da Silva, J. P. ; Trujillo, Lucerina ; Uguen, K. 2000
846 Tracing Seasonal Changes in Water Use of an Invasive Acacia and a Native Pine in Southern Portugal by Measurement of Sap Flow Rascher, Katherine G. ; Máguas, Cristina ; Correia, Otilia ; Werner, Christiane 2009
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