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31,1 Acidic deposition on forest soils: a threat to the goal of sustainable forestry Matzner, Egbert ; Dise, Nancy 1998
31,1 Climatic effects on C pools of native and cultivated prairie Amelung, Wulf ; Flach, Klaus W. ; Zhang, Xudong ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
31,1 Fertilizer P transformations in loamy and clayey oxisols of central Brazil Freibauer, Annette ; Lilienfein, Juliane ; Ayarza, Miguel A. ; da Silva, José E. ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
31,1 Can amino sugars serve as indicators of climate variations and land use on soil organic matter? Zhang, Xudong ; Amelung, Wulf ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
31,1 Heavy metals in soils of Costa Rican coffee plantations Kretzschmar, Sigrid ; Bundt, Maya ; Saborio, Guillermo ; Wilcke, Wolfgang ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
31,1 Small-scale distribution of airborne heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a contaminated Slovak soil toposequence Wilcke, Wolfgang ; Kobza, Jozef ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
31,2 Influence of runoff irrigation on nitrogen dynamics of Sorghum bicolor (L.) in Northern Kenya Lehmann, Johannes ; von Willert, F. ; Wulf, Sebastian ; Zech, Wolfgang 1998
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