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No information Graded Ceramic Matrix Composites by LSI-Processing Frieß, Martin ; Renz, Ralph ; Krenkel, Walter 2002
22 Principles and New Aspects in LSI-Processing Fabig, J. ; Krenkel, Walter 1999
22 Influence of Graphitization Temperature on the Properties of C/C-SiC Manufactured via LSI-Processing Frieß, Martin ; Krenkel, Walter 1999
24 Novel Concept of a High Temperature Heat Exchanger Krenkel, Walter ; Nedele, Martin 1998
39 Carbon Fibre Reinforced Copper Ceramic Composites Schmidt, Klaus ; Frieß, Martin ; Krenkel, Walter 2002
40 Ceramic Matrix Composite Brakes Krenkel, Walter 2003
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