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197 Origins and Outcomes of Electoral Institutions in African Hybrid Regimes : A Comparative Perspective Stroh, Alexander ; Elischer, Sebastian ; Erdmann, Gero 2012
245 Informal Interference in the Judiciary in New Democracies : A Comparison of Six African and Latin American Cases Llanos, Mariana ; Tibi Weber, Cordula ; Heyl, Charlotte ; Stroh, Alexander 2014
281 The Consequences of Appointment Policies for Court Legitimacy in Benin : A Network Analysis Approach Stroh, Alexander 2016
300 Ousted from the Bench? : Judicial Departures in Consolidating Democracies Stroh, Alexander ; Heyl, Charlotte ; Lucas, Viola ; Tibi Weber, Cordula ; Llanos, Mariana 2017
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