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No information Evaluation of a new supply strategy based on stochastic programming for a fashion discounter Kießling, Miriam ; Kreisel, Tobias ; Kurz, Sascha ; Rambau, Jörg 2014
93 Monte Carlo Simulations and the Pricing of Options in the Discontinuous Case Schäfer, Klaus 1994
1996 Part-worth Estimation Using Individual Hybrid Conjoint Analysis Baier, Daniel ; Säuberlich, Frank 1997
1997 Selected papers of the Symposium on Operations Research : Jena, September 3-5, 1997. SOR'97   1998
1997 Entlohnung von Führungskräften mit Aktienoptionen Schäfer, Klaus 1998
2008 On the benefits of using NP-hard problems in Branch & Bound Rambau, Jörg ; Schwarz, Cornelius 2009
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