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13 Reduction of dialectal features in Kanuri as outcome of language contact Löhr, Doris 2009
18 Coding temporal subordination in Malgwa Löhr, Doris 2010
21 Les elites, les masses populaires et les forces armees : les changements politiques et les conflits en Afrique au Sud du Sahara Dougnon, Isaie 2011
21 The problem of violence : local conflict settlement in contemporary Africa   2011
21 Introduction: Violence and Local Modes of Conflict Resolution in Heterarchical Figurations Klute, Georg ; Embaló, Birgit 2011
21 Competing orders and the limits of local forms of socio-political organisation Neubert, Dieter 2011
22 Introduction Löhr, Doris ; Rothmaler, Eva ; Ziegelmeyer, Georg 2011
22 Kanuri, Borno and Beyond : Current Studies in the Lake Chad Region Löhr, Doris ; Rothmaler, Eva ; Ziegelmeyer, Georg 2011
22 Can we speak of converbs in Kanuri? Rothmaler, Eva 2011
22 Differential subject marking in Kanuri : agentivity, pragmatics, and split-intransitive Bondarev, Dmitry ; Jaggar, Philip J. ; Löhr, Doris ; Tijani, Abba Isa 2011
23 Speech Acts and Speech Events in African Languages   2011
23 Speech Acts and Speech Events in African Languages Vierke, Clarissa ; Sommer, Gabriele 2011
27 Cuisine as Health Factor : Some Aspects of Nutrition in Western Africa Rothmaler, Eva 2012
27 Man and health in the Lake Chad Basin = L'homme et la santé dans le bassin du lac Tchad   2012
27 Introduction Rothmaler, Eva ; Tchokothe, Rémi Armand 2012
29 Grammaticalization of the deictic verbs 'come' and 'go' in Syer (Senufo, Gur) Dombrowsky-Hahn, Klaudia 2012
50 Temporalities of conservation : Human-environtment relationships in an African National Park Hauhs, Michael 2019
50 Exploring the Night : Fieldwork Experiences from Nairobi Reich, Hanna Lena 2019
50 On Claiming Non-Creativity, or: "The One who has no Guide, his Guide is the Devil" Beck, Kurt 2019
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