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Besonderheiten der Temperaturstruktur nahe der Unterlage

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Foken, Thomas:
Besonderheiten der Temperaturstruktur nahe der Unterlage.
In: Chmielewski, Frank-Michael ; Foken, Thomas (ed.): Beiträge zur Klima- und Meeresforschung : aus Anlass des 70. Geburtstags von Peter Hupfer. - Berlin : Eigenverl. Chmielewski & Foken , 2003 . - pp. 103-112
ISBN 3-00-011043-7

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(Special features of the temperature structure near the surface) Normally, a temperature profile near the surface consists of parts in the molecular sublayer, the buffer layer, and the turbulent layer (influenced or not influenced by stratification). In some older publications, there have been reports about counter gradient fluxes and near surface inversions over the sea. Neither effects can be explained by thermal internal boundary layers which occur in the afternoon. The findings from the 1973-1976 expeditions made by the 'Working group Oceanology' of the University of Leipzig are here-in discussed from a new perspective. Special analyses made with the temperature profile data measured during the Antarctic FINTUREX experiment (NEUMAYER station, Jan-Febr. 1994) showed that these inversion effects are also related to stable stratification. In comparison with long-wave radiation measurements, these effects are described as de-coupling the lowest (appr. 1 m thick) layer above the snow from the turbulent regime above this layer.

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