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Global government or global governance? : Realism and idealism in Kant's legal theory


Pinheiro Walla, Alice:
Global government or global governance? : Realism and idealism in Kant's legal theory.
In: Journal of Global Ethics. Bd. 13 (2018) Heft 3 . - S. 312-325.
ISSN 1744-9634
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/17449626.2018.1426622


Did Kant believe we need a world government? It has been a matter of controversy in Kant scholarship whether Kant endorsed the creation of a world state or merely a voluntary federation of states with no coercive power. I argue that Kant's main concern was with a global juridical condition, which he regarded as a rational requirement given the equal freedom and equality of individuals. However, he recognized that implementing this rational ideal requires sensitivity to contingent aspects of world politics. I will argue that Kant offers an ideal theory not disentangled from realist considerations and that he adopts what I will call methodological realism: the attempt to realize the requirements of Right (Recht) in a world governed by its own laws and mechanisms. I will illustrate this interpretation with Kant's discussion of the right of nations (Völkerrecht). The confusion in regard to Kant's actual position on the matter, I will argue, is a direct consequence of Kant's methodological realism. The article concludes by showing how Kant’'s ideas and methods can inspire us to rethink global institutions for our current global challenges.

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Keywords: World government; political realism; international rule of law; Kant
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