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Development of operating conditions to improve chemical energy yield and performance of dedusting in airtight EAF

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Martini, Umberto ; Kleimt, Bernd ; Zisser, Stefan ; Kirschen, Marcus ; Velikorodov, Viktor ; De Miranda, Umberto ; Kühn, Robert ; Deng, Jianxiong ; Siig, Juri ; Wahlers, Franz-Josef ; Pfeifer, Herbert:
Development of operating conditions to improve chemical energy yield and performance of dedusting in airtight EAF.
European Commission, Directorate-General for Research
Luxembourg : Office for Official Publications of the European Communities , 2007 . - 131 p.
ISBN 92-79-06659-7

Official URL: Volltext

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There is a general trend toward an increase of the steel production based on Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) route.
This represent an important technological challenge to improve efficiency and flexibility of the EAF process. The present project was focused on the development and application of process concept and plant solution to increase the efficiency and flexibility of the EAF process. The industrial goal is to improve Chemical Energy Yield and Performance of Dedusting in Airtight EAF.
The project concentrates on the special requirements of the airtight EAF operation, which is currently planned to be introduced in many electric steelmaking plants.

Objectives of the project
Airtight furnace design and operation restricts the easy accessibility to the furnace through the slag door for injection of oxygen, carbon and other materials, for removal of the excess furnace slag and for measurement of the steel and slag properties. The technical objective of the project is the development of operating procedures suitable to control airtight EAFs in order to increase productivity and steel quality, saving electrical energy and reducing
dangerous and polluting emissions. To obtain these goals, three main technical objectives have been defined:

Application of new measurement techniques for airtight operation
This permits to observe the airtight furnace operation and to provide the basis for on-line process control

Development of operation procedures to increase the use of chemical energy in EAF
This permits to directly reduce electric energy consumption and to increase the ability to control scrap pre-heating with a global saving of energy

Definition of operating conditions and plant configurations to obtain a controlled amount of exhaust gas, dust production and polluting emissions
This permits to obtain a high productivity with low total specific energy consumption and reducing at lowest values dust load and polluting emissions

Key factors in the project are:
1. Use of Aitight furnaces
This is obtained managing the EAF process and the furnace so to reduce the income of uncontrolled air
2. Use of high amounts of carbonaceous materials (as pig iron and coal – lump and powder) and oxygen
On-line measurements and models must be used to define the appropriate conditions to control the gas produced in the furnace

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