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Off-gas measurements at the EAF primary dedusting system

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Kirschen, Marcus ; Velikorodov, Viktor ; Pfeifer, Herbert ; Kühn, Robert ; Lenz, Stefan ; Loh, Jürgen ; Schaefers, Klaus:
Off-gas measurements at the EAF primary dedusting system.
In: The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3 (ed.): 8th European Electric Steelmaking Conference. - London : IOM Communications , 2005 . - pp. 563-576
ISBN 1861251611

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Dedusting of modern electric arc furnaces (EAF) is performed directly from the 4th hole of the EAF roof (primary dedusting system) and, additionally, from the canopy. The primary dedusting system controls the EAF off-gas energy flow rate by defining the negative pressure at the EAF elbow and the volume flow rates of EAF off-gas and air into the furnace. By the intake of air, CO and H2 are partially combusted in the EAF vessel. On the other hand, the off-gas enthalpy increases with the amount of heated nitrogen from air. Precise information about off-gas composition and volume flow rate is helpful for process optimization and optimum post-combustion. Off-gas measurements were performed at various EAFs during steel production in order to investigate the off-gas mass and energy flows. The comparison of the off-gas analysis data illustrates significant differences of the off-gas composition due to different EAF and dedusting plant operation. Process optimization aims to increase productivity and to reduce energy losses to off-gas, i.e. to achieve maximum efficiency of energy transfer to the melt (e.g. oxygen injection, gas burners, foaming slag, adapted operation of dedusting system). However, diverse influences of the modified dedusting system on the heat load of the furnace cooling system, on the electric energy demand, and on dust emission to the work place have to be checked and balanced.

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