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Modelling of EAF dedusting units with CO-combustion using CFD

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Tang, Xin ; Kirschen, Marcus ; Pfeifer, Herbert:
Modelling of EAF dedusting units with CO-combustion using CFD.
In: Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (ed.): 7th European Electric Steelmaking Conference. Proceedings. Vol. 2. - Milano : Associazione Italia di Metallurgia , 2002 . - 2.197-2.206
ISBN 88-85298-44-3

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The external post combustion of EAF off-gases was simulated using the commercial Computional Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code FLUENT. In this paper we present calculated gas flow patterns of two different dedusting system units:
1. external post combustion in a steam cooled horizontal duct,
2. external post combustion in a water cooled post combustion chamber without additional energy supply (no gas or air/oxygen injectors),
For the horizontal duct, the effect of different air volume flow rates at the gap between EAF elbow and exhaust gas duct on the external post combustion of the EAF off-gas was investigated. I. e. the influence of gap size on temperature and gas species distribution of the EAF off gas is studied. For the post combustion chamber, calculated gas species concentrations and gas temperature were compared with measurements at the investigated chamber. These measurements were conducted in order
(1) to define boundary conditions of the CFD simulation and (2) to validate the computed values at the exit of the chamber.
The computed temperature and chemical composition (CO, CO2 and O2) of the off-gas at the post chamber exit are in excellent agreement with measurements. Residence time distributions in the external post combustion chambers have been calculated and compared with an external post combustion chamber of different geometry.

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