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Mucoromycotina fine root endophyte fungi form nutritional mutualisms with vascular plants

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Hoysted, Grace A. ; Jacob, Alison S. ; Kowal, Jill ; Giesemann, Philipp ; Bidartondo, Martin I. ; Duckett, Jeffrey G. ; Gebauer, Gerhard ; Rimington, William R. ; Schornack, Sebastian ; Pressel, Silvia ; Field, Katie J.:
Mucoromycotina fine root endophyte fungi form nutritional mutualisms with vascular plants.
In: Plant Physiology. Vol. 181 (2019) Issue 2 . - pp. 565-577.
ISSN 1532-2548
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1104/pp.19.00729

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Fungi and plants have engaged in intimate symbioses that are globally widespread and have driven terrestrial biogeochemical processes since plant terrestrialisation >500 Mya. Recently, hitherto unknown nutritional mutualisms involving ancient lineages of fungi and non-vascular plants have been discovered although their extent and functional significance in vascular plants remains uncertain. Here, we provide first evidence of abundant carbon-for-nitrogen exchange between an early-diverging vascular plant (Lycopodiaceae) and Mucoromycotina (Endogonales) fine root endophyte. Furthermore, we provide evidence that the same fungal symbionts colonize neighbouring non-vascular and flowering plants. These findings fundamentally change our understanding of the physiology, interrelationships and ecology of underground plant-fungal symbioses in modern terrestrial ecosystems by revealing the nutritional role of Mucoromycotina fungal symbionts in vascular plants.

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