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The effects of above and below ground mutualisms on orchid speciation and co-existence

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Waterman, Richard J. ; Bidartondo, Martin I. ; Stofberg, Jaco ; Combs, Julie K. ; Gebauer, Gerhard ; Savolainen, Vincent ; Barraclough, Timothy G. ; Pauw, Anton:
The effects of above and below ground mutualisms on orchid speciation and co-existence.
In: The American Naturalist. Vol. 177 (2011) Issue 2 . - E54-E68.
ISSN 1537-5323

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Both pollination by animals, and mycorrhizal symbioses with fungi, are believed to havebeen important for the diversification of flowering plants. However, the mechanisms bywhich these above and below ground mutualisms affect plant speciation and coexistenceremain obscure. We provide evidence that shifts in pollination traits are important forboth speciation and coexistence in a diverse group of orchids, whereas shifts in fungalpartner are important for coexistence but not for speciation. Phylogenetic analyses showthat recently diverged orchid species tend either to use different pollinator species or toplace pollen on different body parts of the same species, consistent with the role ofpollination mode shifts in speciation. Field experiments provide support for thehypothesis that colonization of new geographical areas requires adaptation to newpollinator species, whereas co-occurring orchid species share pollinator species byplacing pollen on different body parts. In contrast to pollinators, fungal partners areconserved between closely related orchid species, and orchids recruit the same fungalspecies even when transplanted to different areas. However, co-occurring orchid speciestend to use different fungal partners, consistent with their expected role in reducingcompetition for nutrients. Our results demonstrate that the two dominant mutualisms interrestrial ecosystems can play major but contrasting roles in plant community assemblyand speciation.

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