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Nanosized ferrihydrite colloids facilitate microbial iron reduction under flow conditions

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Bosch, Julian ; Fritzsche, Andreas ; Totsche, Kai Uwe ; Meckenstock, Rainer U.:
Nanosized ferrihydrite colloids facilitate microbial iron reduction under flow conditions.
In: Geomicrobiology Journal. Vol. 27 (2010) Issue 2 . - pp. 123-129.
ISSN 1521-0529

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Recent studies indicated that nanoparticulate minerals in theenvironment exhibit a higher reactivity than their respective bulkmaterials. Lately, this has also been reported for microbial iron reductionusing nanosized iron oxides as electron acceptors.However,these results have been obtained under small-scale, static batchconditions. The study presented here implies a flow regime withinporous medium under lowsalt conditions providing information onthe retention of nanosized iron oxide and the long-term sustainabilityof their reduction. Goethite, present as coating on quartz sandas a default electron acceptor, was reduced by Geobacter sulfurreducensand discharged as Fe2+ up to a maximum concentrationof 0.6 mM in the column effluent, finally representing 10% of thesupplied ferric iron in total. Adding ferrihydrite colloids via theinfluent to goethite-coated quartz sand led to partial adsorptionof the colloids, but also to a high reactivity with a maximum Fe2+discharge of 1.2 mM. In total, 1.4 mmol out of 2.6 mmol ferrihydritecolloids were reduced. Upon addition of ferrihydrite colloidsto the influent of a parallel column containing quartz sand withoutgoethite coatings, the maximum concentration of dischargedFe2+ accounted also for 1.2 mM, and 0.4 mmol out of 0.6 mmolferrihydrite colloids were reduced in total. The column experimentsdemonstrated that ferrihydrite colloids are highly reactiveand bioavailable for microbial reduction under approximated insitu conditions.

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