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Customer Experience Versus Process Efficiency : Towards an Analytical Framework About Ambidextrous BPM

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Afflerbach, Patrick ; Frank, Leonhard:
Customer Experience Versus Process Efficiency : Towards an Analytical Framework About Ambidextrous BPM.
In: Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). - Dublin, Ireland , 2016

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Projektgruppe WI Customer Relationship Management
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Digitalization forces organizations to rethink classic operating models and develop completely new ways about how to run business. This revolution also spills over to the
management and design of business processes. New market transparency and the increasing interconnectedness of customers define customer satisfaction and operational
efficiency as two equal strategic objectives. Ambidextrous business process management (BPM) demands the symbiosis of exploitative BPM to ensure organizational efficiency and explorative BPM to create process designs that truly excite customers. A key challenge is to properly balance the different capabilities. Therefore, we propose an analytical framework providing an in-depth understanding about effects and interdependencies of this challenge. As justificatory knowledge, we drew from literature on value-based BPM and customer confirmation/disconfirmation paradigm to unite the different perspectives. Based on our framework, we match process and customer types to generic design principles and provide concrete guidance on the establishment of ambidextrous BPM.

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Keywords: Value-based Business Process Management; Ambidextrous Business
Process Management; Business Process Redesign; Customer Satisfaction;
Customer Process Management
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