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Crowd Labor Markets as Platform for Group Decision and Negotiation Research : a Comparison to Laboratory Experiments

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Teschner, Florian ; Gimpel, Henner:
Crowd Labor Markets as Platform for Group Decision and Negotiation Research : a Comparison to Laboratory Experiments.
In: Group Decision and Negotiation. Vol. 27 (2018) Issue 2 . - pp. 197-214.
ISSN 1572-9907

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Crowd labor markets such as Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) have emerged as popular platforms
where researchers can relatively inexpensively and easily run web-based experiments. Some work even
suggests that MTurk can be used to run large-scale field experiments in which groups of participants
interact synchronously in real-time such as electronic markets. Besides technical issues, several
methodological questions arise and lead to the question of how results from MTurk and laboratory
experiments compare. Our data shows comparable results between MTurk and a standard lab setting
with student subjects in a controlled environment when running rather simple individual decision tasks.
However, our data shows stark differences in results between the experimental settings for a rather
complex market experiment. Each experimental setting – lab and MTurk – has its own benefits and
drawbacks; which of the two settings is better suited for a specific experiment depends on the theory or
artifact to be tested. We discuss potential causes for differences (language understanding, education,
cognition and context) that we cannot control for and provide guidance for the selection of the
appropriate setting for an experiment. In any case, researchers studying complex artifacts like group
decisions or markets should not prematurely adopt MTurk based on extant literature regarding
comparable results across experimental settings for rather simple tasks.

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