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Trust Indicator Modeling for a Reputation Service in Virtual Organizations

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Winkler, Till J. ; Haller, Jochen ; Gimpel, Henner ; Weinhardt, Christof:
Trust Indicator Modeling for a Reputation Service in Virtual Organizations.
In: Österle, Hubert (ed.): Relevant rigour - rigorous relevance : 15th European Conference on Information Systems ; ECIS 2007 ; St. Gallen, June 07 - 09, 2007. - St. Gallen , 2007 . - pp. 1584-1595

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In today's Internet economy, new business models emerge to respond to business opportunities that one organization alone can not exploit. Virtual organizations (VOs) are a prominent example for such models currently investigated in, e.g., collaborative engineering and aggregated services provisioning. The partner selection process is a problem that needs to be swiftly performed for a VO to become operational. In the global Internet community, previously unknown partners have to be considered for important business transactions, taking a risk in expecting partners to behave reliably. A reputation service can help to reduce this risk by supporting the (automated) decision process of system integrators inquiring about potential partner organizations. This paper presents a service-based reputation system rooting trust in an organization’s inherent observable properties, called trust indicators. A taxonomy to classify trust indicators according to their semantic meaning is proposed. Furthermore, a stochastic trust indicator model based on distribution functions is presented, taking updates and trust indicator aggregation towards an overall reputation using Bayes theory into account as well.

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Keywords: Trust management; risk management; reputation systems; virtual organization; eOrganisation; stochastic modeling; Bayesian networks; design science research
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