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State/Society : Narrating Transformations in Selected African Novels

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Ndi, Gilbert Shang:
State/Society : Narrating Transformations in Selected African Novels.
Münster : LIT , 2017 . - xi, 413 p. - (Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung ; 77 )
ISBN 9783643908421
( Doctoral thesis, 2014 , Universität Bayreuth, BIGSAS)

Abstract in another language

African literary productions have taken roots and reached their points of crystallization in times of immense socio-cultural and political transitions or transformations. The novel in particular has come to assume a dominant role amongst other forms of literary expression partly due to its capacity to transgress generic boundaries, to assimilate features of other literary forms into its structures, thereby turning it into a hybrid genre par excellence. Through its formal complexity, it continues to probe into politico-historical processes and their refractions in individual and communal experiences and expectations, imaginatively interrogating the contradictions inherent in discourses of change, transformation and progress and the presumptions on which they are based. This brings out the centrality of narrative tropes that include the body, time, memory, space and language through which narrations of power and change are both anchored, deconstructed and reconceived. In its narration of moments of putative change and transformation, the African novel does not only posit as an indisputable medium for the subversion of dominant discourse of power, but also as an avenue for the socio-political and historical re-imagination of postcolonial African polity.

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Item Type: Doctoral thesis
Keywords: power; transformations; subversion; state; society; tropes
Institutions of the University: Graduate Schools > University of Bayreuth Graduate School
Graduate Schools > BIGSAS
Graduate Schools
Result of work at the UBT: Yes
DDC Subjects: 800 Literature > 890 Other literatures
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