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Sustainable Behavior in Motion : Designing Mobile Eco-Driving Feedback Information Systems

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Gimpel, Henner ; Heger, Sebastian ; Wöhl, Moritz:
Sustainable Behavior in Motion : Designing Mobile Eco-Driving Feedback Information Systems.
In: Information Technology & Management. Vol. 23 (2022) . - pp. 299-314.
ISSN 1573-7667

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Projektgruppe WI Digital Life
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Emissions from road traffic contribute to climate change. One approach to reducing the
carbon footprint is providing eco-driving feedback so that drivers adapt their driving
style. Research about the impact of eco-feedback on energy consumption is the basis
for designing a mobile eco-driving feedback information system that supports drivers in
reducing fuel consumption. This work develops design knowledge from existing
knowledge. Subsequently, we implement a prototypical instantiation based on the
derived knowledge. Insights from a field study suggest that our design artifact allows
most drivers to decrease fuel consumption by 4% on average. The paper’s theoretical
contribution is a set of design principles and an architecture of the proposed mobile
eco-driving feedback information system. One recommendation is to provide normative
feedback that compares drivers with each other. This feedback appears to encourage
drivers to decrease their fuel consumption additionally. The design knowledge may
support researchers and practitioners in implementing efficient eco-driving feedback
information systems.

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Keywords: Driving Behavior; Eco-Driving; Fuel Consumption; Eco-Feedback; Green Information Systems; Design Science
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