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Factors affecting the transport of petroleum colloids in saturated porous media

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Wang, Ying ; Lu, Taotao ; Zhang, Haojing ; Li, Yanxiang ; Song, Yumeng ; Chen, Jiuyan ; Fu, Xiaowen ; Qi, Zhichong ; Zhang, Qiang:
Factors affecting the transport of petroleum colloids in saturated porous media.
In: Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. Vol. 585 (2020) . - 124134.
ISSN 0927-7757

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Batch and column experiments were performed to evaluate the responses of attachment and transport of petroleum colloids to the changes in solution chemistry conditions. We found that transport of petroleum colloids was inhibited with increasing the ionic strength or decreasing the pH. This observation can be explained by the increase in particle size of petroleum colloids and the reduction in electrostatic repulsion between colloids and grain surfaces. Meanwhile, the extent of transport inhibition by ionic strength depended on the type of porous media, that is, greater mobility of petroleum colloids could be found in sand rather than in soil at the same ionic strength. This can probably be ascribed to surface chemistry of soil minerals. In the case of divalent ion (e.g., Ca2+), the retention of petroleum colloids was more obvious in soil than in sand resulting from the complexing between the oxygen functional groups from both petroleum colloids and grains, i.e., petroleum colloids could bind to the sand/soil grains through Ca2+ bridging. Additionally, the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS, selected as a model surfactant) significantly enhanced the mobility of petroleum colloids as a result of enhanced steric hindrance that remarkably inhibited aggregation of petroleum colloids. Also, a two-site transport model was used to fit the transport data to gain further insights on deposition mechanisms. These findings from this research are helpful to understand the transport and fate of petroleum colloids in subsurface systems.

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Keywords: Petroleum colloids; Transport; Porous media; Model; Solution chemistry
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