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Less is more: International Intervention and the Limits of External Stabilization

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Kühn, Florian P.:
Less is more: International Intervention and the Limits of External Stabilization.
In: Canadian Foreign Policy Journal. Vol. 17 (2011) Issue 1 . - pp. 62-74.
ISSN 2157-0817

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When we discuss problems and policy options in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the way we frame the problem will likely influence resulting policy. In what had been (in-)famously termed “AfPak”, based on regional considerations for policy towards Afghanistan, Afghanistan's failed state dragging down Pakistan has become the writing on the wall. This article claims that putting both countries into a single category runs the risk of neglecting their strikingly different paths of state formation and societal composition. While Pakistan has a post-colonial structure, which bears part of the governance problems in its Western provinces, Afghanistan has never had internal cohesion. It merely stayed in place mimicking statehood. Rather, external meddling coupled with an interest to tap external rents dominated internal politics. While public ideology in Afghanistan remains opposed to the state, in Pakistan the state and its institutions are a source of pride, identity and (critical) involvement.While Pakistan's rivalry with India and fears of encirclement by the latter's engagement in Afghanistan has influenced Pakistan's Afghanistan policy, less international involvement might turn out to be “more”. More engagement of the population in politics is needed in Pakistan, salvaging the state by strengthening civic rights and civilianizing governance through structural reforms which end the British colonial remnants of indirect rule. In turn, letting Afghans take responsibility for their politics might raise Afghan actors’ awareness of what is at stake for them and at the same time diminish the power of the clientelist rentier-network.

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