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How Does Successful Coping Change Appraisal and User Responses?

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Weinert, Christoph ; Schoch, Manfred:
How Does Successful Coping Change Appraisal and User Responses?
In: Proceedings of the 43rd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). - Copenhagen, Denmark , 2022

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Technostress research asserts that the use of information systems (IS) can be challenging or hindering. Previous literature has mostly focused on the challenge or hindrance subprocesses. However, research suggests that these subprocesses may interact with each other. Positive user responses can be derived from events that were originally perceived as hindering. The present research-in-progress paper focuses on this interaction. We investigate whether successful coping – the elimination of a stressful IS use situation – leads to positive user responses in the hindering subprocess. Therefore, we develop an online experiment, which emulates different IS use situations. A hindrance techno-stressor situation (HTS), a control situation without a techno-stressor (non-HTS), and one in which users can successfully cope with the hindrance techno-stressor (SC). The experiment allows us to analyze the interactions between the subprocesses. We expect to contribute to the literature on technostress and IS coping by focusing on the interaction between the two subprocesses.

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Keywords: Successful Coping; Challenge and Hindrance Technostress; Eustress; Distress; Positive and Negative Emotions; Online Experiment
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