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Density and Viscosity of Linear Siloxanes and their Mixtures

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Arnautovic, Zlatan ; Kutzner, Sebastian ; Weith, Theresa ; Heberle, Florian ; Brüggemann, Dieter:
Density and Viscosity of Linear Siloxanes and their Mixtures.
In: Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data. Vol. 68 (2023) Issue 2 . - pp. 314-329.
ISSN 1520-5134

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Density and viscosity measurements are performed for ethanol, water, hexamethyldisiloxane (MM), octamethyltrisiloxane (MDM), decamethyltetrasiloxane (MD2M) and their mixtures (ethanol/water, MM/MDM, MM/MD2M, MDM/MD2M) at 100 kPa at different temperatures (293 K – 423 K) and mixture compositions. To measure the density and viscosity, an IMETER measuring system with a combined dynamic and static force measurement method, a density meter with an oscillating U-tube measuring method and a Rheometer with a double-gap measuring system, were used. The experimentally determined data for the pure substances show a very good agreement with literature data. However, there is a strong deviation of the mixture viscosity between max. 7% for MM/MDM and 31% for MM/MD2M compared to Refprop v.10.0. In order to enable an improvement in the calculation of the density and viscosity for the mixtures, specific parameters for the Jouyban-Acree model are developed for all mixtures and thereby, a better description of the density and viscosity for the mixtures could be achieved.

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Date Deposited: 13 Feb 2023 06:34
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