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Janus Cylinders at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces

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Ruhland, Thomas M. ; Gröschel, André H. ; Walther, Andreas ; Müller, Axel H. E.:
Janus Cylinders at Liquid–Liquid Interfaces.
In: Langmuir. Vol. 27 (2011) Issue 16 . - pp. 9807-9814.
ISSN 1520-5827

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We describe the first study on the self-assembly behavior of Janus cylinders at liquid/liquid interfaces. The Janus cylinders are characterized by a phase separation along the major axis into two hemicylinders of different wettability. The pendant drop technique and microscopic imaging were used to characterize the adsorption behavior and self-assembly of Janus cylinders at perfluorinated oil/dioxane and perfluorinated oil/dimethyl sulfoxide interfaces. According to the evolution of the interfacial tension and a series of TEM images taken during the cylinder adsorption, we will specify the characteristics of early to late stages of the Janus cylinder adsorption at a liquid–liquid interface and discuss the effect of Janus cylinder length and their concentration. We also establish that the broken symmetry of the corona leads to significantly higher interfacial activity as compared to homogeneous core–shell cylinders. The adsorption is characterized by three different adsorption stages: first, free diffusion to the interface, followed by continuous adsorption of cylinders including ordering and domain formation and, finally, additional packing with a rearrangement of domains and formation of a loose multilayer system.

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