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Self-Assembly of Soft Nanoparticles

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Nghiem, Tai-Lam ; Steinhaus, Andrea ; Chakroun, Ramzi ; Tjaberings, Stefanie ; Qiang, Xiaolian ; Chen, Chen ; Tjaberings, Alexander ; Quintieri, Giada ; Gröschel, André H.:
Self-Assembly of Soft Nanoparticles.
In: Comprehensive Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 2nd Edition. Volume 2. - Amsterdam : Elsevier , 2019 . - pp. 217-254
ISBN 9780444642714

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Soft nanoparticles are sub-100 nm deformable colloids typically made of polymers or block copolymers self-assembled to core-corona micelles. Soft nanoparticles have been researched for several decades for their potential as nanoreactors, in drug delivery, structure formation, and templating. In recent years, more advanced versions emerged that are equipped with functionalities within core, on the surface, and in corona. These soft patchy nanoparticles feature addressable surface patterns that allow higher order self-assembly into sophisticated superstructures. In this chapter we summarize recent developments in the design of soft patchy nanoparticles and their use as building blocks for the formation of materials with inner structure and complex composition. We discuss self-assembly strategies, properties of superstructures, and their potential in future-oriented applications.

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Item Type: Article in a book
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Keywords: Block copolymers; Building blocks; Hierarchies; Janus particles; Multicompartment nanoparticles; Patchy particles; Polymer brushes; Self-assembly; Soft nanoparticles; Superstructures
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