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Nanocellulose-Based Materials in Supramolecular Chemistry

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Lokanathan, A. R. ; Kontturi, E. ; Linder, M. B. ; Rojas, O. J. ; Ikkala, O. ; Gröschel, André H.:
Nanocellulose-Based Materials in Supramolecular Chemistry.
In: Comprehensive Supramolecular Chemistry II. - Amsterdam : Elsevier , 2017 . - pp. 351-364
ISBN 9780128031995

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Cellulose is one of the most abundant, naturally occurring biopolymers on Earth with remarkable properties and thus “naturally” attractive for diverse applications. In recent years, nanocelluloses received renewed interest among cellulosic materials due to their nanosized dimension, high stiffness of crystalline domains, and—depending on source and processing conditions—liquid crystallinity, high aspect ratio, and high specific surface area. Given their broad range of physical appearance, nanocelluloses display a likewise broad range of applicability with the potential to replace plastics, serve as templates for chiral nematic photonics, support catalysts as high surface scaffold, and aid in tissue healing. Their specific surface chemistry further offers various ways for covalent and supramolecular modification. In many cases, such modification is even necessary to enhance compatibility with hydrophobic components and to ease processing. This article addresses both the extraction of nanocelluloses from plant cells and their use in material design utilizing supramolecular chemistry. These include supramolecular interactions with the nanocellulose surface, hydrogen bonding, metallosupramolecular and protein-mediated interactions, and supramolecular polymer–polymer entanglements of surface-grafted polymer brushes as well as combinations of the aforementioned.

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Item Type: Article in a book
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Keywords: Biomaterials; Cellulose nanocrystals; Cellulose nanofibers; Chiral nematic crystals; Hydrogels; Nanocomposites; Polymer brushes; Supracolloidal; Supramolecular
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