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Entrepreneurial orientation as a theory of new value creation

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Wales, William J. ; Covin, Jeffrey G. ; Schüler, Jens ; Baum, Matthias:
Entrepreneurial orientation as a theory of new value creation.
In: The Journal of Technology Transfer. Vol. 48 (2023) . - pp. 1752-1772.
ISSN 1573-7047

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Explaining how and why entrepreneurial orientation (EO) enhances firm outcomes is critical as it explicates specific causal mechanisms and boundary conditions. However, despite over 40 years of inquiry, a theory gap is evident in much of the research that links EO to firm performance outcomes. In this study, we inductively derive EO as a theory of new value creation based upon an increase in consumer benefits (or reduction in costs) made possible through a commitment to continuous novelty within an organization’s product-market offerings. In addition to offering a theory explaining how and why EO creates new value through product-market variance as a new causal mechanism within the EO literature, our research affords practitioners greater insight into what to expect from EO and when it may be most gainfully employed in pursuing firm growth. To this end, our study considers relevant boundary conditions to applying our theory and what our theory implies for future research exploring organizational entrepreneurship.

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Item Type: Article in a journal
Refereed: Yes
Keywords: Entrepreneurial theory; Entrepreneurial orientation; Organizational learning; New value creation; Resource flexibility; New technologies; Entrepreneurial growth
Institutions of the University: Faculties > Faculty of Law, Business and Economics > Department of Business Administration > Chair Business Administration XVI > Chair Business Administration XVI - Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Baum
Result of work at the UBT: Yes
DDC Subjects: 300 Social sciences > 330 Economics
Date Deposited: 17 Oct 2023 05:58
Last Modified: 17 Oct 2023 05:58