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The reproduction process of Gram-positive protocells

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Kanaparthi, Dheeraj ; Lampe, Marko ; Krohn, Jan-Hagen ; Zhu, Baoli ; Hildebrand, Falk ; Boesen, Thomas ; Klingl, Andreas ; Phapale, Prasad ; Lüders, Tillmann:
The reproduction process of Gram-positive protocells.
In: Scientific Reports. Vol. 14 (2024) . - 7075.
ISSN 2045-2322

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Protocells are believed to have existed on early Earth prior to the emergence of prokaryotes. Due to their rudimentary nature, it is widely accepted that these protocells lacked intracellular mechanisms to regulate their reproduction, thereby relying heavily on environmental conditions. To understand protocell reproduction, we adopted a top–down approach of transforming a Gram-positive bacterium into a lipid-vesicle-like state. In this state, cells lacked intrinsic mechanisms to regulate their morphology or reproduction, resembling theoretical propositions on protocells. Subsequently, we grew these proxy-protocells under the environmental conditions of early Earth to understand their impact on protocell reproduction. Despite the lack of molecular biological coordination, cells in our study underwent reproduction in an organized manner. The method and the efficiency of their reproduction can be explained by an interplay between the physicochemical properties of cell constituents and environmental conditions. While the overall reproductive efficiency in these top-down modified cells was lower than their counterparts with a cell wall, the process always resulted in viable daughter cells. Given the simplicity and suitability of this reproduction method to early Earth environmental conditions, we propose that primitive protocells likely reproduced by a process like the one we described below.

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