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Highly Ordered Supramolecular Materials of Phase-Separated Block Molecules for Long-Range Exciton Transport

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van Son, Martin H. C. ; Berghuis, Anton M. ; de Waal, Bas F. M. ; Wenzel, Felix ; Kreger, Klaus ; Schmidt, Hans-Werner ; Rivas, Jaime Gómez ; Vantomme, Ghislaine ; Meijer, E. W.:
Highly Ordered Supramolecular Materials of Phase-Separated Block Molecules for Long-Range Exciton Transport.
In: Advanced Materials. Vol. 35 (2023) Issue 25 . - 2300891.
ISSN 1521-4095

Official URL: Volltext

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Efficient energy transport over long distances is essential for optoelectronic and light-harvesting devices. Although self-assembled nanofibers of organic molecules are shown to exhibit long exciton diffusion lengths, alignment of these nanofibers into films with large, organized domains with similar properties remains a challenge. Here, it is shown how the functionalization of C3-symmetric carbonyl-bridged triarylamine trisamide (CBT) with oligodimethylsiloxane (oDMS) side chains of discrete length leads to fully covered surfaces with aligned domains up to 125 × 70 µm2 in which long-range exciton transport takes place. The nanoscale morphology within the domains consists of highly ordered nanofibers with discrete intercolumnar spacings within a soft amorphous oDMS matrix. The oDMS prevents bundling of the CBT fibers, reducing the number of defects within the CBT columns. As a result, the columns have a high degree of coherence, leading to exciton diffusion lengths of a few hundred nanometers with exciton diffusivities (≈0.05 cm2 s−1) that are comparable to those of a crystalline tetracene. These findings represent the next step toward fully covered surfaces of highly aligned nanofibers through functionalization with oDMS.

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Item Type: Article in a journal
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Keywords: alignment; diffusion; excitons; long-range transport; nanofibers
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Profile Fields > Advanced Fields > Polymer and Colloid Science
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Date Deposited: 10 Jun 2024 08:11
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