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106 Eating Culture : The Poetics and Politics of Food   2003
106 Introduction : writing/eating culture Mühleisen, Susanne ; Döring, Tobias ; Heide, Markus 2003
106 Globalized tongues : the cultural semantics of food names Mühleisen, Susanne 2003
116 Naturethik und Neuengland-Regionalliteratur : Harriet Beecher Stowe, Rose Terry Cooke, Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Mayer, Sylvia 2004
130 Orientalism in the Melodrama of the Early American Republic: William Munford, Almoran and Hamet Mayer, Sylvia 2006
173 In Search of Otherness or Sameness : Traces of Americanism in Cinéma Québécois Müller, Jürgen E. 2009
173 Migrants in Quebec between Americanism and "Américanité" Fendler, Ute 2009
173 "I hate Music!" : Bernstein’s song cycle between European and American music culture Mungen, Anno 2009
173 American adaptations : Language ideology and the language divide in cross-Atlantic translations Mühleisen, Susanne 2009
185 Radical, Transatlantic, Complex : European American Studies and Interdisciplinarity Cortiel, Jeanne ; Gerhardt, Christine 2010
196 Religion in the United States   2011
247 The Anticipation of Catastrophe : Environmental Risk in North American Literature and Culture.   2014
247 The Anticipation of Catastrophe : Environmental Risk in North American Literature and Culture ; Introduction Mayer, Sylvia ; Weik von Mossner, Alexa 2014
260 Travels with Carl : Apocalyptic Zombiescape, Masculinity and Seriality in Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead Cortiel, Jeanne 2015
266 With a Barbarous Din : Race and Ethnic Encounter in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Literature Cortiel, Jeanne 2016
270 Risk Narratives : Climate Change, the American Novel, and the World Risk Society Mayer, Sylvia 2016
273 Knowledge on Edge : Resident Evil, Feminism and the Rescue of the Female Child Cortiel, Jeanne 2016
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