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Eukaryotic Argonautes come into focus

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Kuhn, Claus-D. ; Joshua-Tor, Leemor:
Eukaryotic Argonautes come into focus.
In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences. Vol. 38 (2013) Issue 5 . - pp. 263-271.
ISSN 0968-0004

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Despite the fact that different classes of small RNAs are generated by largely different biogenesis pathways, all mature small RNAs associate with an Argonaute family member to form the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). Gene silencing by RISC could not be studied in molecular detail because structural information on eukaryotic Argonautes was lacking. Recently, however, the structure of human Argonaute-2 (hAgo2), a model for RISC function, was determined in complexes with heterogeneous guide RNA and in complexes with a specific miRNA. We review the exciting advances that these two structures, together with the structure of a budding yeast Argonaute, brought to the field of eukaryotic RNA interference (RNAi), and how they will enable a more detailed mechanistic understanding of eukaryotic RISC.

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