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Perspectives on translation studies in Africa

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Babou, Cheikh A. ; Ndong, Louis ; Otundo, Billian K. ; Oyali, Uchenna ; Seye, Mbaye:
Perspectives on translation studies in Africa.
ed.: Oyali, Uchenna
Bayreuth , 2017 . - XI, 88 p. - (Bayreuth African Studies Working Papers ; 17 ) (BIGSASWorks!)

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The thrust of this issue of BIGSASWorks! is to reflect on some of the stories of translations that come from Africa and point up what they say about existing theories of translation. Contributions include reflections on the cultural and linguistic questions arising from the translations of Senegalese (Wolof) literature in French (back-) translated into Wolof, as well as those translated into German. Other contributions include studies of implicitation in the translation of Hemingway’s “Hills like white elephant” into Lubukusu, a Kenyan language, and a sociological study of religious translations between English and Igbo, spoken in Nigeria. These essays not only explore translations into African and European languages of African literature in European languages, they also focus on less studied languages like Lubukusu, thereby fronting what contributions these stories make to the narratives at the center. What is more, the bi-lingual (English and German) nature of the essays and the different African countries covered further make them appealing to a wider audience.

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Item Type: Book / Monograph
Keywords: African literature; agency; Aminata Sow Fall; Bible translations into Igbo; biculturalism; cultural adaptation; de-explicitation; deletion; Ernest Hemingway; generalization; German translations of African literature; Hills like White Elephants; Igbo; implicitation; intercultural communication; Ken Bugul; Kenyan languages; language and culture; literary translation; liturgical texts; Lubukusu; Mariama Bâ; metatext; modification; multilingualism; Nigerian languages; paratexts; Pierre Bourdieu; postcolonial translation; proselytistic texts; re-writing; Sembène Ousmane; Senegalese literature; sociology of translation; symbolic capital; religious translations; retranslation; Senegal; social practice; text-creation; text-recreation; translation direction; translation studies in Africa; translation theory; Wolof; worldview
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