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Enhancer RNAs stimulate Pol II pause release by harnessing multivalent interactions to NELF

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Gorbovytska, Vladyslava ; Kim, Seung-Kyoon ; Kuybu, Filiz ; Götze, Michael ; Um, Dahun ; Kang, Keunsoo ; Pittroff, Andreas ; Schneider, Lisa-Marie ; Leitner, Alexander ; Kim, Tae-Kyung ; Kuhn, Claus-D.:
Enhancer RNAs stimulate Pol II pause release by harnessing multivalent interactions to NELF.
bioRxiv , 2021

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Are eRNAs displacing NELF from paused RNA polymerase and thereby activate transcription ?
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Project financing: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

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Enhancer RNAs (eRNAs) are long non-coding RNAs that originate from enhancers. Although eRNA transcription is a canonical feature of activated enhancers, the molecular features required for eRNA function and the mechanism of how eRNAs impinge on target gene transcription have not been established. Thus, using eRNA-dependent RNA polymerase II (Pol II) pause release as a model, we examined the requirement of sequence, structure and length of eRNAs for their ability to stimulate Pol II pause release by detaching NELF from paused Pol II. We found eRNA not to exert their function through common structural or sequence motifs. Instead, efficient NELF release requires a single eRNA molecule that must contain unpaired guanosines to make multiple, allosteric contacts with several NELF subunits. By revealing the molecular determinants for eRNA function, our study mechanistically links eRNAs to Pol II pause release and provides new insight into the regulation of metazoan transcription.

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