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FPGA Accelerator for Battery Management Systems in Safety-Critical Applications

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Verani, A. ; Fieramosca, G. ; Colicelli, A. ; Di Rienzo, R. ; Saletti, R. ; Roncella, R. ; Schwarz, R. ; Lorentz, Vincent ; Baronti, F.:
FPGA Accelerator for Battery Management Systems in Safety-Critical Applications.
Event: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics for Sustainable Energy Systems (IESES) , Sep. 1–3, 2020 , Cagliari, Italy.
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AutoDrive: Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for highly and fully automated driving to make future mobility safer, more efficient, affordable and end-user acceptable

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This work was supported by the ECSEL Joint Undertaking under Grant 737469 (AutoDrive) and partly by the CrossLab project, University of Pisa, funded by MIUR “Department of Excellence” program.

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Lithium-Ion batteries are becoming the standard solution as power source for electrical vehicles, but the increasing request of autonomous driving capability imposes stringent safety requirements and asks to fulfil ever growing constraints to achieve the safety specifications. Several considerations must be done about the Safe Operating Area of a battery, that means maintaining the correct levels of voltage, temperature and current, as well as avoiding main power cuts due to system faults. This article proposes an FPGA implementation of a Triple Module Redundancy extension for a conventional BMS. The design of the hardware accelerator is described, the testing set-up is introduced and the results of the experimental validation process are discussed. The FPGA accelerator successfully demonstrates the full functionality and the advantages achievable by its introduction in the Battery Management System (BMS) architecture.

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Item Type: Conference item (Speech with paper)
Refereed: Yes
Keywords: Battery Management System; fail-operation; redundancy; fault injection; hardware acceleration; FPGA
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